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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take me on a trip, I'd like to go some day.
Take me to New York, I'd love to see LA.
I really want to come kick it with you.
You'll be my American Boy.

I am definitely digging this song by Estelle feat Kanye West, American Boy.

I am not saying that this song is the best but it sure got me addicted. What a good single to start off her album.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

I have a Highly Favoured, Deeply Loved and Greatly Blessed Birthday.

Thanks for the presents. Really loved it.

Thanks for those who remembered my birthday (esp. Anissa)

Didn't expect Daryl to get me a giant eraser cos i was just joking with him last year that he should get me a giant correction tape since Jolene and Pei Luan gave me a giant pen.

P.s. How nice to have a friend like ivan to spread the birthday mood to everyone

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wentworth Miller is Not gay!
Even though there are rumours...
Can't even believe people saying that he's gay...

music makes the people
come together, yeah


Are oranges always orange?

Mine is green!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Man! It has been a long time...

I watched Iron Man yesterday and it was um... so nice? You can practically see shannon and i squirming in our seats with all the "gory" parts of like pulling the "heart" out of Tony.

Damn! Why must Samuel L Jackson always appear in every "Super Hero Movie". First we saw him in Jumper. Now Iron Man. Is he gonna torture Satck in Iron Man 2?

Love Robert Downey Jr with his stache and not cleanly shaven:)

Went bowling today.Well it was kind of fun...you know.

Tomorrow's MY DAY.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Man! Check out the video We Made It by Busta Rhymes feat Linkin Park!
Mike,jamming on the piano was totally driving me nuts.

3 vocalist in one video is not that bad

What i find missing is brad, rob, joe and pheonix

there are certainly cameo appearance of SOB and others

fast pictures flashed during the video was quite good and the sound effects :)

p.s Still obsessing our mike's fauxhawk

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ok so here's the Big news.

Busta Rhymes collaborated with Linkin Park to produce a track called "We Made It". This would be the very first track featuring Linkin Park. Really very excited and can't wait to watch the video.

P.s. Mike has a fauxhawk

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I watched Rob & Big marathon today and yeah man it was hilarious!

Love another Rob. Rob Bourdon

I did a clooage of him. here see this

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, March 09, 2008

School hols are here yet why are we not happy?


We are going back to school 5/7
Might as well don have the hols at all?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Given Up?

a 17 second long scream from chester?

oohhh love it

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Linkin Park won Best International Group in the ECHO AWARD!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Well Happy New Year guys.

School starts tomorrow sadly, no more late night sleeps and late wake ups :(
Worst of all no Miami Ink and MTV!

I'll miss you Ami, Nunez, Darren and garver. See you all when i'm free.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Went for my first cousin's wedding. Which is the church one in the morning and the banquet at the Goodwood Park Hotel.The wedding was simply fabulous.They just seemed so bless. Oh Ya, they are Adeline and Brandon by the way. Will upload pictures later.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh Yeah! Watched National Treasure today. It was a sneak preview. The movie was fantastic and was equally good as the first one. Go watch it 'cause it's really good.

Saw daryl pei luan xiao juan and anngie today after the movie.Went to buy the landyard.The colours may suck guys...pls don't scold me..:)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

PHEW!...My Com like crashed a few days ago...Luckily it was "healed"! thank god! The com repair guy actually rebooted my whole com, erasing all my precious information. Well for a Computer Idiot like me, looking at a wrecked computer makes me want to pull out all my hair.

Today was Stagearts day. It was fun. Dear Anisha... Whu won't you here? I wrote you a senior message.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Life's so boring...Spending most of my time watching tv and playing scrabble.
I've not played audition for like weeks now but i am wasting my time on the tv instead...

And i find omarion so cute!!!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Went Vivocity today.Bought a blouse and a jacket, spend about $65.Well it worth it cos the jacket is nice.

Baked blueberry muffins yesterday.It was simply delicious!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Went to watch my bro at ang mo kio primary for the Primary School Band Camp thingy. The performance was okay...but i was proud of him as only 4 of each school was chosen to participate. :)

I guess i'm gonna quit playing audition for a while

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Went to Mrs VJ's house yesterday
Ate lots of muruuku
Played Innuendo (you won't want to know what it is)
Watched Mean Girls
Laughed at Ellen and the Simpsons
Got to go as her husband is back and is kinda late
Head to rivervale mall for LJS dinner
Took a long trip back home

I borrowed Stomp The Yard!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, November 19, 2007

In the midst of watching the AMAs.

Daughtry had already won 3 awards.

JT won 2.

Adam Levine cut his hair.

Jonas brothers almost trip on broken glass.

Bought my first converse high cut shoe yesterday!!!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Watched the Europe Music Awards hosted by Snoop Dogg
The performance totally rocked especially the Foo Fighters and Tokio Hotel!
Well i've observed the celebrities and i've came out with a list!

Best Hairdo on EMAs:

  1. Gerrard Way (blowned unlike before)

  2. Joss Stone (braided hair)

  3. Dave Grohl (messy but i like it)

  4. Bill Kaulitz (Exploded hair)

  5. Tom Kaulitz (Dreadlocks)

Worst Hairdo on EMAs:

  1. Ray Toro for MCR (His hair if you have seen it totally suck)

Sad day for Justin Timberlake. So many nominations yet no wins! Well guess you have to tour in Europe to garner fans.

Linkin Park won Best Band!

Tokio Hotel gave a finale performance of Monsoon.And rain poured from the stage on them. It was a hell of a performance!

Well theres not much i could say but GO WATCH IT YOURSELF!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, November 13, 2007



music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, November 09, 2007

Went out with the guys yesterday (jolene tim pei luan ivan ming jun xiao juan daryl jiajing eileen anngie) to east coast park. Was kinda fun and funny. Jolene and i went to skate and she was so scared of the small tiny seeds that would probably cause her to lose her balance.Anyway i could say that we almost skate till our legs broke into 2.

One funny incident was the jolene and the lil bike girl saga.Jolene was going down the slope when this lil girl was cycling at high speed towards her. of course jolene was pissed and even wanted to pull her down if she falls. LOL :)

Anngie and daryl learnt how to skate while they have their helpers (jiajing pei luan and MATTHEW, who mysteriously appeared out of nowwhere)

We walk like a thousand miles before we reached the lagoon and i can tell you that these guys LOVE my umbrella!

Ate Wanton Mee. Yum! And tim loved it so much that he always talks about how smooth his kway tiao is.

We took a long slow walk back to macs. Played bowling at Marine Bowl.I WON!!! neh...not a big deal...Ming jun played two games concurrently.PRO!

Went Macs for sundae and we took a bus ride home.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Thanks Mrs Vj for the lunch treat!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Ha! Linkin park is nominated 5 times in this years EMA Murich 2007 for Rock Out, Best Band, Best Album, Best Director and Best Editing In A Video!

It's not bad after since all their touring and that new album Minutes To Midnight is so different from their previous album.

Well Rock On! And i'll be there screaming and cheering you guys to snatch all the awards!

Its held today actually but sadded MTV will play it much later.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

This week my classmates were all the rage. With the ability to choose where we want to sit and to be able to talk alot in class..it was all good.

So what's funny this past few days:

We had a record for the latest a person could come
Lincoln and bryan would be given 1st prize for coming to school after recess
xiao juan 2nd prize for being late for 45 mins
quan feng for being late for 30 mins
A round of applause please.LOL

Well got to update my other blog as well..

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, October 20, 2007

blog pause. Playing Audition.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, October 12, 2007

I made a sub blog to satisfy my need of rating music videos


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Exams, well, are finally over...

Went to mac for lunch

Played Audition

actually natasha was not bad for a beginner

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My mum finally decided to sponser me for the concert!

Now the probem is, anyone wanna accompany me?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, September 17, 2007

Anyone wanna sponser me watch LP concert???Only $68!!!

Or not who wanna go with me?
I <3>
MS is so hot!gasp?!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, September 14, 2007

didn't blog for a long time

Got report slip today

mrs fong say that i got improve

Hey all let's not have the report slip discourage us from doing better!

Played my final audition till exams are over

played from 7.30-1045

So sian

Have to start studying liao

still got tomorrow have to do the walkathon thingy...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, September 10, 2007


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, September 09, 2007

So whats similar Between these four guys?

Here's the answer:

They are "bald" and they are hot!

just feeling lame and nothing to blog about...

Anyway school is starting tomorrow

Planned out my time today

7.30-9.00 Bruce almighty

9.00-? Volcano high

Didnt want to watch HSM2

thought that it wont be to nice

Anyone wanna treat me watch linkin park in singapore?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

woke up at 8.20am
met tim at 9.10am
arrived at interchange at 9.30
went with tim joel and shahera to tm basement to go see whether the video shop is open
but apparently it's not
went to eat macs,saw yuan long and his sis
went to the basement once more but still not open
so we waited and waited till it was 10.30am
the shop opened
so shahera and i went to the big mac at the interchange to book seats
Apparently,the exorism of emily rose cannot be rented so we got the prestige instead
Joel's laptop no batt
mac's powerpoint full
desperate,we spent $7.90 on a "3 powepoint plug"
watched but not clear of sounds
Went to meet peiluan and daryl at mrt station at 1pm
went to city hall and walk and walk and walk
Bought tickets(can say that my memory is good ccause i was leading the way)
went arcade and we saw a sign
"no students with uniforms allowed.
Under 16 allowed only after 6.30pm"
went out of arcade
Ate long johns, Jolene came
walked and walked to waste time(played at shops)
Went macs to eat ice cream
(wonder why i kept on going macs for 4 times?)
continue to walk till 4.30pm
went up to cinema,bought cheesy sausages(whoa they wil sent it to us)
Hair spray was funny
go watch it
Finished,we walked to the mrt station
took the wrong train
so we came back
took the right train
took a bus and came home,tired

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, September 03, 2007

Played audition as usual

Watch the six sense that joel lent me.Not scary but somehow i got spooked.

Gonna watch the exorism of emily rose with them tomorrow.Do i have the guts.Luckily we planned it in the morning.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Played audition till like 2.30am yesterday or you can say today, whatever is it

Slacked the whole day, watched loads of tv

Going to play audition again

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, August 31, 2007
Evan Almighty


Act of Random Kindness

Watched evan almighty today with joel tim and shahera

Damn funny lor

Go watch

Whoa watch finish still have to rush home to bathe and then still rush to school for duty...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Played Badminton today!!!

With tim, pei luan jolene and daryl

It is 超 fun to play

we play until like siao

love to play it again but we are like all so busy

Booked for the holidays...So many things to do...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

1 more day

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, August 24, 2007

Ulcers have tongue

tongue have ulcers

Lack of time to blog

Played audition

I won anyway

Left: daryl,me,peiluan

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nothing much today...
It is wei jie's birthday today so...
So wishing you a blessed 15th birthday
He has go a mystery present which i guessed half of it
It was given by anngie and eileen.

Did some mission by mrs wee about girls messing up the toilet.Use Weijie's phone to take pic of evidence.Girls, do you all have nothing better to do?

Just had raisin and tuna bread for teabreak
had to gambatte and do well for common test

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Aahhh...Common test coming soon...

there is 3 very important things that i must do
  1. Study
  2. Study
  3. Study

Tomorrow got the speech thing so say, hopefully i would say it right

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, August 16, 2007

...Retarded Fish
Retarded Fish!?!?
Ya...the acid rain makes the fish retarded and the fish goes bang bang bang trying to bang the wall

Didn't have amath test so booed some yeahed

Got tortured by Ivan during lunch with the three tigers song

Made it through the 2nd round :)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today's election interview thingy sucked. I had trouble answering the questions. But anyway its over. Phew!

Today's podcasting was horrible.Everyone seems tired and my senior commitee are not paying attention.:(
Will podcast reign supreme under me?

Watched live the dream.Not that fantastic after all.Go Fendi!!! Btw the girl form the sugarettes looked like a goliwog

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Daryl and I got a Secret

And Jolene had been trying all day to guess it.
So during lunch, Me and Daryl gave her some clues
  1. Watch
  2. Ball
  3. Swiss
  4. Rolex Watch
  5. The rest i cant be bothered to remember

They as in tim and jolene tried to guess were too lame to be mentioned and they were relating it all to Audition

So what exactly is the Secret?

Here is it:

Roger Federer was defeated by Novak Djokovic in the Montreal Masters final

It was kinda funny i guess

Especially when federer No.1 fan Daryl heard about it (of course i told him and he then sprouted WTH)

I also managed to break Jolene and Guan Hong's Primary School IQ game. In which Guan Hong have not managed to solved it yet.

So anyone wanna guess?


1 1

2 1

You must carry on the pattern (clue: It has got nothing to do with maths)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, August 10, 2007

I played audition for 5 hours!!!
Record breaking!!!
Lvl Up!!!
Lvl 9!!!

music makes the people
come together, yeah


today did nothing much.
just did my homework
Found out that practically nobody is going for the bbq tomorrow

anyway,gonna play audition now.TATA

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, August 08, 2007
i am an american spy:)

Went to watch Rush hour 3 Sneak Preview today!!!
MAN!It was nice!
Went there with tim shahera and joel
The shikaivanmomo gang was sitting in front of us
Saw aniket
Met 2 lesbians on the bus
funny day
nice time emceeing

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, August 05, 2007
oh dear

Studied for Bio and Physics

Found out that i never bring home physics TYS

Hopefully that i will do well for the tests
At least for bio :P

Bored...Daryl probably got scared off by playing audition with such fast song (well it has got to start from somewhere)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Haven't been blogging recently 'cause i was busy

Busy with tests
Busy playing Audition whenever i have free time

Haha...yesterday,me and peiluan w8ed for denise and jolene to run and we met xiao juan.
And xiao juan's new nuckname is...New blastoise!!!(the pokemon one)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, July 31, 2007
The simpsons

The simpsons......
Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

Watched the simpsons today with diana ivan nik and tim
Now i know why diana wants to sit at the corner(lol->ivan)

Its a super funny movie,seriously. I was laughing all the way except some boring parts. But in the whole it rocks!!!

Watch It!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, July 23, 2007

Today is racial harmony day and we can see people of different colours (costumes) streaming into the school. Our class was so united that nobody wore costumes :)

The Wu Han ppl a re here!!! Our class have 3 boys and a girl whom shannon did not pick up (cos she's sick)

Shermaine apparently took a liking to Daryl's buddy
I mean that he looks good from the back but...the front seems okay
Tim's buddy speaks very soft.Tim looks so short compared to him.
I like Kai Siang's buddy best though.He seems nice and friendly

I heard that they are only staying till tomorrow

Learned Taiji and Silat today (the silat coach looks gay lol)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today we went for the YESNEC competition.

We went through the premilary rounds
Went through to the semi finals
Went to Wild Card but lost to the other Dunman team. But at least we're happy cos we dreaded to present the slides. We were like the only group to sigh when we heard that we are going to the semi finals. lol

after all,all it matters that we had fun

And Mr Kang owe us a meal right?
(to kangster and limzai)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, July 20, 2007

Finally i manage to watch harry potter. It was soso about 7.5/10

Bcos of the movie, i had to leave early from the biz plan thingy.

Saw Miss Wan at billy bombers with probably her mum.It was a funny sight actually

Heard that anngie have stage fright? Shock surprised stupified scandalized= Quad-S LOL

Sian tomorrow still have to go to school by 7.30am and present the presentation

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

Got Biz thing to present on SAT
Harry Potter to watch on FRI
Biz videoing on THUR

But at least its fun...:)

Today we had changeagents:
played blow wind blow and it blow jia xiu away lol
Did some radio DJ thing.It was fun.Paired up with diana and jia xiu.
Ah huh ah huh ah huh

Hey Ivan,brother from another mother, I know you mean good but who dares to agree to play with you badminton.Waste my money.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, July 16, 2007
i'll miss her

I'll miss my beloved Grandma!

Missing her giving me anything i wanted to eat:)
Missing her giving me money treats:P
I'll just miss her everything.

And i missed my date with the guys for HP5!:(

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, July 13, 2007
in loving memory

In loving memory of my grandma,

Mdm Lim Toh

May she rest in peace in heaven

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I've learnt my lesson:Check your busy schedule before promising someone to go out!

I had apparently promised a group of my friends(Daryl,tim,ivan and Ming Jun) to play badminton today in which i had the yes thing till 5pm.And they played from 3 -5 so if i end at 5,and i go there won't they have playd finished?And the thing is i cannot reach them on their phones.What if i go there and that they left.So i went home.And when i was in the showers, Ivan called.The 4 of them played Deal or no deal with me.WTFish!!! "you either pay us for the games and the folo0wing games or buy us 1 tube of yonex shuttlecocks" Yah right...I never even go...I am actually fine with it.But the actually lied and bluffed me to pay $3.50 (everyone too) but when the court booked for 2 hrs is actually $7.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Live Earth

Do you part.Save the earth.


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, July 06, 2007
Week's update

This week...

  • We celebrated Mrs Vj's bdae even if its not exactly on her exact birthdate.
  • Had YES meetings which we had finally finalised the idea which is a multi colour hair colour can (QuoS)
  • Played badminton for PE (ivan is one good badminton king...And YC for her art of golf).Gonna play with the badminton ppl on next tuesday.This Ming Jun force me to give him a tube of shuttlecocks if i don't turn up!:(
  • Today,we practice the chinese skit...Its ok except the Jo need to have more emotions in her acting.
  • Had seen 2 groups acting on thurs.Bryan's group was very funny especially Chan heng's role.LOL.
  • Kai Siang's group...I was so freaking pist and i think many share the same sentiments.How can he spit ribena at us???This guy need help!
  • Cannot go Popcornpop with Joel And Ashley today...Let's just let them have a nice time together.(Ashley confessed that he's a gay)
  • Got to study and revise my homework during the weekends cos next week very busy.

Hopefully next week will be a better week and i know it will be cos i am watching Harry Potter!!!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, June 30, 2007
Transformers again

today,while during the YES lecture,joel called me to ask whether want to watch transformers today.so:

Watched Transformers Again!

Went to watch with joel at century.Walao this tim and joel gave me a scare say that we sitting at the front row.And this Tim have to go his grandmas house so cannot watch. So it was me and joel. So the 3 of us went to macs to have a little bite.Cannot find place everywhere all chope so tim and joel went to any ppl who are leaving soon.Had mcflurry as i am not really hungry.We saw Jin En today,with his bro. So after mac tim left.

Me and joel went to watch transformers! We watched it the second time together so we had realise the stuff that we never see before like that optimus prime and megatron and brothers.

Went to TIMES to shop cos today last day before the GST hike and Joel got $50 voucher.We like shopped for an hour.joel bought a transformer book, some wrestling magazine,notebook,birthday cards,foolscap and pens. He got me foolscap and pen too. Thanks!

My bro clarence gave joel the bumblebee poster.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Watched Transformers today

Got only 2 words to say : Transformers Rocks !!!

I could say it is one of the best or even the best movie i watched.

Loved bumblebee

ooohhh...Optimus Prime

Th whole cinema was like ooohing and ahhing over the cars

Shia leabouf was cute too.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, June 26, 2007
I am free?

Finally i got Mr wong to cut the lock for me.I am so thankful that he did it or else i have no place to put the books so thanks.

Played fooseball with tim and pei luan tooday with a paperball which looks like a fishball (PL says one)

Bryan was splashing water over hus hear to make it stand and apparently splashed water on my books.He cleaned it up with his pants?

Kai Siang was angry over someone for leaving the class with taking the leave pass.He hen threw tantrum and threw rubber bands on the white board.Me bryan chan heng and jolene were all laughing.It was really unny as we expected kai siang to throw something hard.

The canteen food was ok but i still miss the mince meat noodles.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, June 23, 2007
The Sec 4 farewell party

The sec 4 farewell was ok.The weather was ok.The food was ok.The games was probably ok.The people doing the activities was very exciting.

There was a lot of problems.The weather was like it was going to rain but it did not.The games in the end played duck duck goose...?Sam exploded the zapple (forgiven haha) The bbq food were like seperated to non halal and halal.Its like so racist.
Had loads of fun bbqing.Laughing and gaying around with Moses and tim especially.(poor moses and his injured leg)
Shahera called Mr bernard "dude, want so chicken wing?" Funny

So thats all about the party?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, June 18, 2007
C.A outing

We had the change agents outing today.We did some bowling,watched shrek,took neo prints,went to the arcade,and pig out.

The bowling incident was when i rolled the ball while the barrier was down and i missed the turn which was crucial to the final score :(

Shrek was nice, i could expect the plot.But i prefered it to oceans 13

We played air hockey and i totally owned Sam in daytona

Neo prints.:) We took neoprints.It was like a one for all and all for one thing.I f someone dun want to take the rest do not take.it was fun.Khairul was like kissing* ppl.HaHaHas

Ate LJS and still went home for dinner.Now still very full.

C.A commitee : Cheryl,Sam,Tim,bernice,Shaheed,Khairul,Anisha

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, June 15, 2007
In the ZONE

Just came back from my church's PLANET SHAKERS' Into The Zone Concert.There was really a lot of people about 8000-10000 people aged from 13 to 29.It was a concert with a lot of jumping and praise snd worship.Went there with my long time no see church friend Amelia and janet with jan's bro,brandon and the bro's friend joey and my school mate ying hong. Before the concert,there were even giving out a few free tickets.Around i could say about 400 people got saved today.Thanks to the lord!Enjoyed myself, hoping that there would be another concert like this again.Care to join me?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Ltc was fun.Or not.

Day 1:Day 1 we did low elements which was held in school.Me bryan.F and raj were station masters.We had lots of fun.Making them cheer.To enter they had to say please in a cute manner like "MAY WE ENTER THE CLASSROOM INSTRUCTORS purrrlleeaasseee."
We also had high elements.I did belaying for multiline.Nothing much there except for people braking each others record on who go across the fastest.

We had field cooking for lunch and i took guyana for it.There was this pint sized indian boy.I asked him to eat the remaining sardines but he insist on eating another can can of sardines.I was like HUH? Ain't all the sardines the same?

Dinner was so fun.Me and joel had a deal. I take drinks and he take the food.My cup was like so big so i had a lot of orange juice.umm...nice.Campfire night was ok.The mic sucks.Kamani loves to hear the school say "oi" she was like sayinging dunman leaders oi like forever.The emccees must have loved roti prata as they named the groups that. The group performance weren't that good because the mic as i had said earlier it sucks.Probably the group did not have practiced enough.It think 1 group with a boy i think nadim or what do ever was doing the mr bean action(forward body thrusting) it was so funny...The instructors performance rocks.Ga was doing indian dance and was moses was doing was just simply ast as a swaying tree.Our dept high E was like needless to say.Our performance rocks.Qm And F&B's was so-so.Sea Act and Orienteering was doing some umbrella dance.Taariq was the leading man.he was doing dunno what with his body.And his umbrella handle came off.HAHA.

Day 2:We had high elements.But during the third session,there was a storm.We also saw 4, yes 4 sea sprouts.a record.So we went to prepare for wet weather games which in the end didn't happen.So we were stuck in the qm shed.the rain was so strong and we felt cold.The boys acted gay by hiding behind the tent sheet.We had sea act when the weather became okay. I was seasick.The day was short as the next day we had to leave campsite at 4am.

Day 3:we had road march at 5.I followed anguilla with kelly and benjemin and tavaco was followng behind.They were like copying every stop we made and had found all the clues.Orienteering was okay.the clues were solved easily by the campers.Field cookin was ok.There was a red ants outbreak.And there was a malay boy who could eat alot.We apparently walked fast.And had complete orienteering 2-3 hours before.So there was a bonus station.We had to builed a light house the same height as the tallest person.We went back to school with laimuga.We did phototaking,prize presention,friendship dance and 20 pumpings.

Basically we were suppose to leave at 7.70 but i reached home at 9.We went to the mama shop to grab so drinks and chips.Me Kelly and Bryan ng took a cab home(esso busstop) We were charged $2.60.HAHA.We lived so near yet still take a taxi.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, June 10, 2007
mike shinoda

Mike shinoda... Ain't he hot?

music makes the people
come together, yeah


I am so tired,leaving home at 9am in the morning and coming home at around 6 in the evening. Is this the so called holidays? This had been my everyday routine for the past few weeks leaving me only the pathetic sunday to rest (sunday i am suppose to go church). This is too much to bear...I haven even done my holiday assignments.

Let's see what i have for the up coming week...
  1. Ltc camp
  2. The debate workshop(maybe)
  3. Council farewell party
  4. Chinese group assignments
  5. Business management assignment
  6. Homework.Tons of home work

and i only 3 plus if i am not going for the debate workshop 5 days to finish no. 3 4 5 6.How? And i haven revise my the subjects i am week in!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, June 07, 2007
The library fines....

The stupid school librarian says i got fines due to returning the booking late.(paid $$$ yesterday)I was like WTH!!!I , Cheryl Toh, where got return the books late?So i took one of the books due (amy tan's bonesetter's daughter), to the librarian.I was just planning to tell her about the fine and checking my book records.She said i returned the book on 13 APR but i showed her that the book says 15 Apr and then she insist that i returned on 13 APR!(she didn't realised that she dunno what she is saying) and then probably she realised.She then asked:So you want me to refund you the money is it? I was like:No,i just want to inform you so that next time this doesn't happen again. So i went back to my com to do my project.

5mins later,she came to me asking who stamped the book for me (which of course i dunno) and she said that she will refund me. Pei luan and i was like laughing all the way.

Today, i was like cracking pei luan's handphone privacy codes which were so easy (although there were 1 or 2 hard ones) and she was like huh?how come you can do that? Cheryl Toh can read minds.

Sian lors.Tomorrow got meeting at 9.Why got so many meetings and activities happening at the same time. I cannot breathe.My whole week is booked leaving me only sunday to rest...

music makes the people
come together, yeah


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Today i met the HIGH E PEEPOS to make our identities. We used fabric paint and markers to decorate and mine was like sooo nice (thats what i think) and we did bandanas and some other piratey stuff.The bandana which was just a piece of cloth looked really funny on our heads.

When we put it on, we act act as the following roles:
  1. Samsui women
  2. servant
  3. people working at the fastfood restaurant
  4. beggar
  5. a really ugly pirate (haha)

While doing all those stuffy, WQ NIK and I took a break and went to the makeshift canteen.i found it very nice and clean.We ate nachos and hotdogs there.We then felt thirsty and decided to look for a drink machine. So we went to the one at the new block.

  1. Put coin in
  2. ai?Why coin pop out?
  3. Oooohhh...(after lots of checking) The machine is not even on

Went to the machine at the table tennis area and realised that the drinks were all sold out.WTH!!! and there was a half eaten garlic bread stucked on the machine (gross!!!)

GOTTA go cut the coins for the camp...


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, June 04, 2007
shop shop shop army shop

today we had amaths lessons. After which i went to the library with nik to make newspaper balls and hey hey hey...i saw anisha and she was just tagging...:)

Anyway High E rocks!!! today we made flags ate and went shopping for our identity...You will all be in a shock on actual camp on what we are wearing...HAHAHA

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, June 01, 2007
I knew it

I knew it! i was like telling my bro a few weeks ago that if linkin park is not artise of the month i will cut off my head and they really are artise of the month!

Their songs totally rock can?Especially with ooohhh Mike shinoda...:):):)With him all the songs totally rock.Now with Lp latest album's what i've done and bleed it out ROCKED MY SOCK!!! How bout the old songs NUMB IN THE END FAINT REMEMBER THE NAME BREAKING THE HABIT BELIEVE ME PETRIFIED?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, May 31, 2007
back from camo

Haha back from the sec 3 camp.Overall it was fun slacky and dirty!!!The camp was the slackiest camp i went to.We had lots of bathing time,no scolding and loads of talking time.The things that sucked was the food (restaurant) tent (hotel) and public toilet (shower room).

There were so many insects (so creepy) long legs, colourful,and hairy...

The worst was the trek up the waterfall.The ground was slippery after the rain the day before. The place was muddy and turned my beautiful shoe totally brown! It was a challenging trek and we had loads of fun especially when kai siang loves to crash into trees. There was once when he acted smart and accidently crashed into yuen ching while running down slope. it was hilarious! HAHA! Waht was not funny was when i fell. Fell down 3 times. My pants was covered with so much mud. I could almost be a part of the rainforest. I admit that the track was fun. :)

Oh Ya!!!Our class won best actor.best actress(me haha lol rofl believe me). And best SKIT!!! HAHA...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, May 28, 2007

tomorrow is the sec 3 camp. Funny thing is that i am neither exited or afraid about it.It is just a camp. I've been through lots of camps and this is just another one.

I watched finnish the MNIKSS Cd.Want to watch it again.Hyun Bin is so Shuai!!!Kim Sun Ah is also very pretty!!!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, May 25, 2007

I was doing side gate duty alone as apparently there were many irresponsible ppl in council.During my duty, i saw a cat pooping,dogs wandering and lizards crawling around.

There was this indian lady with a little boy from india who asked me about dunman as she was a secondary school teacher back there in india.Tey sat at the bench.Then a lao ah peh sat at the opposite bench with 2 dogs with 1 on a leash.The little boy seems to like and adore dogs and he caled out the the old man. "uncle!'' no reply "unnnncle' no reply. It is so sad and pathetic.Singapore is really a unfriendly society.What will the ppl of other country look at us? I am disappointed with the old man.

i am utterly disappointed with myself...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dear anisha where are you i miss you soooo...

I was freaking pist with kai siang today
scold me then say sorry.What kind of crap is that.Still make me miss my lunch....

1 more day...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

haha...My mum bought it today knowing that i had always wanted it.If you dunno what i am talking about i am talking about a korean drama cd.

Thanks Retna for the sugarpup!!!

Nowadays i feel so tired as there is soo much that i need to do.so busy...

(Our secret)

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Today's ltc 3rd proposal meeting was ok.

We as in me tim shahera joel sam bryan sing chuen went to tampines and them we splet up with me sam tim joel and shahera going to LJS.
And there was this grumpy cashier giving us so little cheese and sam was like complaining.HAHA :P

Went to Giant to check out prices with sam and bryan and our dear ashley came along
Had a hard time finding the fishballs.

Then went to IKEA to look see look see with joel tim shahera and sam.
They told us that they found a hiding place.It was sooo hidden that they walk and walk and cannot find it and after 2 big rounds they finally found it (Thank GOD!)
The place was ok not bad .very small but just nice for us.It was homely.We had a lot of fun there.took lots of pics.Funny Ones.We really laughed soooo much that i had stomach cramps.We even had a 'family' photo.

Sam was so blur that she left her handphone pouch and we had to walk back again.

Oooohhh...I love the 22 and 35cm2 show rooms with a toilet bed kitchen! it was small cosy and definately nice.I am soo obsessed!

We went to ate ice cream.Umm...Nice...

Had a fun but tired day.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, May 17, 2007
Finally posting can finally start

I got lots to post about...

Firstly is about my prezzies...
I would like thank
  1. jolene and pei luan for a GIANT pen and a handphone sock
  2. Tim Shahera and anisha for fererro rochers
  3. Sam for a handmade photo frame
  4. My lil'bro for a keychain
  5. Mum for $80 to spent on

Change agents

  1. Hah!Human scrabble.The Paint.So troublesome.Never Dry.Finally Completed.Rained.Dried.Done.Trial run.Done.Letters.Done.Hope it goes well.
  2. Amanda.We were like enemies on monday plotting to kill each other(she almost strangled me) But ironically, we were like good friends the next day...Dunno why?
  3. Got script rehearsal.Ugly Betty.The Wig sucks.
  4. Sorry mrs VJ for giving you so much trouble knowng that you are already so stressed

Exams results

  1. Not really good.
  2. Dun want to tell

This blogger so lousy.Always got prob.Luckily the prob is resolved

forgot to write about the day went we went to watch spiderman 3.Me and tim was like late so we like ran 2.4km to bugis junction from the costume shop.The passerbys was like thinking who the hell this ppl were.

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, May 07, 2007

Today we had chinese paper 2 and amaths.Amaths was not as difficult as i thought.I thanked got for the last question.It was just easy. This pamela lah confuse me so now i dunno if A is (2,6) or (6,2)...:(

So mr kang asked us to think of a group name.So bryan came up with PRO which i forgotten what it meant.

He's gone...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, May 05, 2007

My lil bro is so irritating.No words can explain how irritating he is...Wanted to study but he was like keeping on coming to the room.Asked him to get out but still insist on staying inside.I was soooo pist5 that i left the room and here i am blogging about it...

The major subjects exams are just 2 to 3 days away with chinese paper 2 and Amaths on Monday.My amaths is like a doomed subject.Can i pass it?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Friday, May 04, 2007

Whoa...today's SS paper is killing my hands...I practically wrote till my hands went numb...
Hopefully the other exam papers won't be that rushing...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, May 03, 2007
HAHA very funny

Today when i was walking home with Pei Luan and Aun Tyin after over Chinese compo this aun tyin told us a joke so funny that we couldn't stop laughing.

The Chinese compo topic is two neighbours quarrelling over sasame seed and green bean stuff in direct chinese to english translation which means quarrelling over small stuff.And that do you actually believe that she really wrote about sasame seeds and green beans.Luckily she realised her mistakes and wrote a new compo with only TWO paragraphs...HAHA...

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, April 30, 2007
he's so hot he's so hot

Hot Stuff Hot Stuff

Baek Sung Hyun is so hot!

Check him out!

music makes the people
come together, yeah


It's coming.The death and dooms day is creeping closer and near...I steathily crept back slowly till i reached my chair and i sat on it and start revising.

The EXAMs are around the corner.Must gambatte and do your best!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Sunday, April 29, 2007
People i want to meet in my life

People i want to meet in my life:
1: Kwon Sang Woo
2:Seung Seung Hun
3:So Ji Seop
4:Benji Schwimmer
5:Hyun Bin
6:Kim Sun Ah
8:Baek Hyun Seung
9:Mike Shinoda
10:Justin Timberlake
11 and more:'ll let you know if i thought of more

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, April 28, 2007

studying STUDYING studying STUDYING studying STUDYING studying STUDYING studying

Oh...Pls watch this video its really nice


music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, April 26, 2007
I am tired


*only 1

I am so busy and so tired.I just can't seem to do finished my assigned work.There seems to be too many activities going on at the same time.

Prison break today! MUST WATCH!

that's the problem with me...so much things to do still watch tv!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
oh no! :o

Bio test is tomorrow!DIE!Haven study yet!Chap 3 and 5!DOOM!

Today's ISAC or whatever it is was kinda easy.Wasn't the test suppose to be super challenging?Anyway easy is better for us.

HAHA ANISHA ISSAC! you better watch out! you say you are bored at home right?
GET READY cos i am going to send you you whatsoever long smses that you like.
Make sure you darling Tim does not sent you 1 worder sms. :P

The HAIR is BACK!!!
WHAT THE RE( pronounced as ri)?

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Monday, April 23, 2007
you know you suck

You know you suck.cause i say you do.You always say that i am not doing anything but you are always the one moaning and sighing everything a work is given to you.Life is just unfair cause nothing is fair in the world.Somethings it's just sad that one doesn't get the recognition for the things that you done.You sometimes steal my ideas.Probably we just have different frequencies...

Everybody's changing and i don't feel the same-keane

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Yesterday was a super tiring day.I missed school yesterday to go for the dragon boat competition.We didn't win anything.

Congrats to dunman netball team for winning national first.

We had Ben's and Jerry's yesterday.My flavour was Berry Berry Extraordinary Sorbet.It was so nice.Thank You Mrs VJ!

We arrived at ACJC late cause we missed the bus stop.Went to the school and saw the mascara guy which was at westwood to promote his musical.Didn't know he studied there.

The debate had already started.We saw the ashraf guy.Anyway the debate was boring...

Today's first proposal meeting was boring.What kept us awake was those funny messages that we pass around.

HAven study for exams yet.DIE!

music makes the people
come together, yeah

Thursday, April 19, 2007
class tee

Got my class tee yesterday!


i love korean dramas!

Black and grey






music makes the people
come together, yeah